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How to Help?

We would be extremely grateful for anything you do to support the House of Human Rights.

YOU can:

1. Send a letter of support on behalf of your organization or group

Since the municipal authorities in fact refused to support the Human Rights House, we would like to appeal to the governor of the Voronezh region and to the regional Human Rights Ombudsman.
We ask you to send letters to:
• Governor of the Voronezh region;
• Human Rights Ombudsman of the Voronezh region;
• Chairman of the Presidential Council on Civil Society Development and Humans Rights;
• Human Rights Ombudsman of the Russian Federation.

Sample text includes all the e-mail addresses and fax numbers, where this should be sent.
It’s important that all the appeals are sent before August 20th!

2. Sign a petition to support the House of Human Rights in Voronezh

3. Ask an acquainted parliamentarian or a government official for support
We have to show that the HRH in Voronezh is a well-known and important organization not only for other human rights and civil society organisations, but also for government officials in other regions and countries. So, if you can appeal to parliamentarians, city mayors, ombudspersons, or other officials of any level for expressing their support to the HRH, this would be an important step.

4. Organize a regional campaign of support
In a number of cities regional campaigns have already been launched and signatures under regional petitions are collected. The aim of these campaigns is to tell more people about the Human Rights House and the activities of its member organisations, about international initiatives which exist thanks to them and opportunities for joining them from different regions and countries.

5. Come to the Human Rights House and help us with your presence In Voronezh. If you’re a journalist, you can write an article about the House, its organisations and people for them and their activities. Also you can personally help to prevent the physical displacement of the House.

We hope for your help and support.

Detailed information about the situation and possible actions can be found at our website:

Contacts of the campaign coordinators:,
+7-915-547-65-87; +7-910-228-84-49.

If you have questions, forward them to We also kindly ask you to write to this e-mail to inform us of all the letters you’ve sent to support the HHR.

Let’s join our efforts to:

  • Make it possible for the HHR to stay and continue its work in the same building (34 Tsuryupy street) without anybody threatening to turn the community out of the property and stop its work every year;
  • Gather support for the HHR to expand its office in order to ensure better working conditions for the organizations that inhabit it – especially the Public Legal Consultancy for Human Rights